I started NATURAL PANDA in the hopes of providing affordable and easily accessible natural skin care alternatives. Being aware that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, I wanted to focus on ingredients that were designed to heal us, not harm us.

As a Homeopath, natural alternatives come first hand to me. We're taught about how the body can heal itself when it's properly supported, and how the power of plant-based ingredients can be gentle yet effective to our body. As the founder, I wanted to ensure we created thoughtful formulations that would gently support the body's healing process while still providing active and noticeable results. 

NATURAL PANDA is a conscious beauty brand that ethically sources raw, natural and local ingredients, with a portion of all proceeds proudly donated to The World Wildlife Fund. 

Every product is carefully curated with simple ingredients that are meant to be healthy, holistic and pure. This means no chemical additives, no synthetics, no fillers and no fragrances! Just 100% pure plant-based products. 



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*A portion of every purchase is donated to The World Wildlife Fund to help
save the pandas.