A natural clay formulated to gently exfoliate and nourish your skin, revealing a brighter and more toned complexion. 

CUSTOMIZING CLAY: It's no secret that dry and dead skin accumulates on the surface of your skin. Our brightening clay mask will draw out the impurities while providing a gentle yet effective form of exfoliation. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it's formulated to gently cleanse and nourish your skin by revealing a brighter and more toned complexion. 

The mixability options are endless in regards to customizing your clay. Some of our favourites include rose water, water, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and manuka honey! 

DIRECTIONS: Mix a spoon of clay with a liquid of your choice until it forms a paste. Apply to face and let dry naturally. Rinse off using warm water.

Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Due to natural ingredients, the colour of clay may slightly vary.

3.8 oz || 113 gram container with screw top lid

Fullers Earth Clay: A great oil-absorber that also works well for addressing hyperpigmention issues. This clay is known to reduce skin irritations, improve skin complexion and gently remove trapped impurities.   

Turmeric Powder: Added for anti-inflammatory and brightening properties to provide a suttle glow.

Sandalwood Powder: An effective method to reduce signs of aging as it minimizes the damage caused by free radicals.

Full List of Ingredients: Fullers Earth Clay*, Turmeric Powder*, Sandalwood Powder, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 
*Organic Ingredients 

Brightening Clay Mask

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