A quick and easy way to provide the skin with instant hydration. 

MISTS THAT MATTER: Facial mists are a game changer when it comes it your daily skincare routine. They can be used to tone the skin, set our makeup in place, nourish throughout the day and even cool down our skin on those hot summer days. Regardless of the bonus benefits, hydration is still the star of this misty matter. When our skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier gets weaker resulting in the collagen and elastin to break down faster. By keeping it well moisturized, you'll protect the results and the skin is more soft, smooth and dewy. 

DIRECTIONS: Spritz from a distance onto the face and allow to naturally sink in. Re-apply as needed.

Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Due to natural ingredients, please shake before using.

1.7 oz || 56 mL glass bottle with spray top

Witch Hazel:
A natural astringent used to control oil production, reduce inflammation, and calm the skin of redness. 

Ylang Ylang Oil: Added for additional calming properties while reducing redness.

Full List of Ingredients: Witch Hazel*, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*
*Organic Ingredients

Gentle Soothing Toner

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